Friday, December 3, 2021

Hair Tips: 5 Easy Ways To Achieve A Shiny Healthy Hair

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Maintaining a healthy hair comes with a lot of sacrifice. There are some easy ways you can achieve this

Your hair is the most beautiful crown that you never take off. Hence, there is need to always take adequate care of your hair, and also keep it healthy for steady growth. Maintaining a shiny and healthy hair might seem conflicting because the moisture needed to keep shine might be harmful to the hair and cause fallout and breakage. However, there are ways to minimize the effect of this happening on your hair.
1. Serum: Instead of using creams that could eventually cause dullness due to excess moisture, you can go for serum that provide long-lasting solution for your hair shine.
2. Wash fortnightly: In as much as your hair needs a clean environment to maintain steady hair growth, you also need to careful of your shampoo routine. A clean every 2 weeks would help keep your hair growth on the right track.
3. Use leave in conditioner: To maintain a healthy and shiny hair, you might need to swap your regular conditioner for a leave in conditioner. Leave in conditioners help to prepare a favourable condition for the scalp to produce shine and bounce to the hair.
4. Use cool water: It is very easy for hot water to strip the hair of the nutrient it need to provide shine to the hair. You best bet while washing your hair will be cool water. You can give your hair a long cool rinse after wash.
5. Always be hydrated: Water in the body system also affects the health of the hair. To achieve a shiny hair and also to maintain it, always drink an adequate amount of water. Stay hydrated.

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