Hair Tips: 5 Things To Not Do To Your Hair

A woman’s hair is her crown and so it should be properly taken care of no matter what. Now there are things to not do to your hair that a lot of people unconsciously do or some are not even aware that they do and these things have an adverse effect on the hair.

Ensuring your hair is healthy and shining should be paramount and a part of your beauty routine, so here are 5 things to not do to your hair;
Rubbing Your Wet Hair with a Towel
When drying your hair take note to gently squeeze with a towel instead of having it wrung out. A lot of people do the latter but it is wrong. Ensure to always handle your hair with care all the time.

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Wearing a Ponytail or Topknot Seven Days a Week
Constant pressure on the same spot of your hair can damage the hair and cause it to break. So avoid wearing a ponytail or topknot all the time as this is part of the things to not do to your hair.

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Brushing Hair While Wet
It is very wrong to brush your hair while it is wet, wait for it to dry or while using a dryer, then untangle it with a comb.

Brushing Too Much
Brushing your hair often is not very good for the hair because it causes it to break and also results in hair loss because you are stressing the scalp. Brushing too much is one of the things to not do to your hair.

Washing Your Hair Every Day
Try not to wash your hair every day. Daily washing removes hair’s natural oils and proteins, which can dry it out.
things to not do to your hair
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