Thursday, December 8, 2022

Hair Tips: 5 Sexy Buns To Suit Your Everyday Occasions

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Do you want to achieve that perfect bun for every occasion with less stress? look no further. Buns can be done on attachments, wigs, weave-on, you just name it. The look is sleek, sexy, and sophisticated, perfect for formal occasions, a night out, or when you simply just need your hair out of your face! You can also opt for a top slick bun, formed in the same way, but instead of taking your hair back, simply take it up!
bunsSo here are 5 sexy diva buns to achieve with whatever hairstyle you have on;
A messy bun is perfect as it gives structure whilst still looking casual. Want to look sleek but without stressing? this is for you. The messy bun is a laid-back look that involves loose strands everywhere! The messy bun can be tied low or high, with a somewhat controlled mess that is made to look effortlessly put together. To achieve this, pack up your un but simply remove strands here and there, giving it some rough lovin’ to ease it out of its formal structure. Be your natural hair, weave, wig, or what have you, a messy bun can be achieved. READ ALSO: Beauty DIY: 7 Natural Bootylicious Ways To Make Your Butt Smooth & Clear
Top knot methods do vary but this is where you can have fun and mix up your look! You can create this look by securing all your locks or hair to the top of your head. Just take it all up. This look is wearable to exotic events and casual events. it has this age-long beauty about it that blends with any outfit. THE SLICKED BUN
A slicked bun is neat and extra fierce, putting your best face forward… quite literally. The sleek bun clears all the hair from your face and depending on how tight you gather those locks it can even provide the illusion of a facelift (no surgery required!).
It is the perfect tidy and tight hairstyle. This look involves bringing all your hair to the back of the head, twisting and wrapping the hair continuously around to create a neat circle, then securing with an elastic band and/or bobby pins. Simple!SPACE BUNS
Space buns consist of two separate buns on the top of the head. Rocking this hairstyle with the perfect outfit just spells out classy and dramatic at the same time. This particular bun doesn’t fit all but when you are able to pull it off, you are the boss. This bun can be changed up to exude character and style by adding braids and accessories or playing between sleek and messy styles. With two of these beauties on the top of your crown, you’ll definitely have everyone saying, nice buns! THE LOOP BUN
The loop bun is one of the easiest buns out there, but don’t let its simplicity fool you – it can be transformed for front row status just as effortlessly as it’s created! The loop bun is a half pulled through ponytail on its last pass through the elastic band, it’s that simple! Choose the height on your head and loop away! It’s a timeless look that can be worn slicked back, messy, or accessorized for ultimate style status. Try adding a silk scarf, some jeweled pins, or a scrunchie to keep on trend without having to spend hours in front of the mirror! Photo Credit: Getty

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