Hair DIY: 5 Main Causes Of Hair Loss And Damage For Children

Hair loss in children may require a doctor’s attention and others tend to resolve on their own with time. Children’s hair can be very fragile and soft.

Hair is a very tiny hole deep inside the skin, the hair is mainly comprised of keratin acts as a protein and the major component in the skin and nails. Hair loss isn’t just a problem for adults but also for children as well. Whether a child has thinning hair or distinct bald spots, the loss of hair can be frightening. Read below the causes of hair loss in children.
1. Excessive washing and shampooing: Washing and shampooing of children’s hair frequently strip all of the moisture from the hair.
2. Overusing hair accessories
3. Not applying the right product: Inability to apply the right product and follow instructions can cause hair loss and damage to a child’s hair.
4. Overlooking damaged ends.
5. Not protecting hair at night: Sleeping without a cap or hair net can lead to a child waking up with a dry and frizzy hair.
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