Friday, December 3, 2021

It’s All About The Drama! Go Dramatic This Week With These Phenomenal Ankara Styles

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The second month of the new year is packing its bags, ready to pave way for you to go into the new and third month, and it is pertinent for you as a KOKOnista to keep it high and going with your Ankara styles vibes, drama and energy.
We know different goals suits different people but as our very own style influencer, we know what suits you best and today, we bring you a collection of some dramatic and phenomenal designs you should rock all week long.
1. This 4-layered sleeves and head-tie ginger brings you all class and poise
2. Shut whoever says Ankara style cannot be corporate and classy with this mix and match3. Another one for the boss lady or CEO 4. Okay kill the midweek with this! Read also: 10 Amazing Ankara Styles That Will Sweep You Off Your Feet
5. One from the drama queen herself, KieKie6. Don’t you just love the tuby-fishtail dress?7. TGIF can never be wrong with this8. And oh, the last but not the least dramatic!
Photos Credit: Instagram
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