Gideon Okeke Reveals How Someone In Nollywood Threatened To Destroy His Career 7 Years Ago

Gideon Okeke
Nollywood Actor Gideon Okeke today took to his Instagram page to reveal how someone tried to destroy his acting career 7 years ago because he told her the truth about an incident.

Gideon OkekeThe actor said the incident happened at Tinapa,in Calabar. Gideon Okeke didn’t name the woman who threatened him, neither did he give details of what truth he said that led to the threat. He said that in spite of her threat, he keeps flourishing in the movie industry and still gets acting gigs and also creates jobs for others. He said that people will go to any length to break you but know that God got your back and will always come through for you and prayers will never fail.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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