Ghanaian Companies Are Stingy- Yvonne Nelson

yvonne nelson

Yvonne NelsonGhanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson in a sit down with UTV expressed the struggles she faces trying to sponsor her projects and ideas. According to her, whenever she takes a proposal to cooperations, they are more interested in going out with rather than sponsoring her ideas. In her own words; “Ghanaian companies are stingy. They will only waste your time,” Ghanaian Companies Are Stingy- Yvonne Nelson 1“You will take your proposal on several occasions and in the end, they ask you, can we go out? Can we have dinner?”. She also made it known that she doesn’t entertain that kind of behavior “I didn’t come to your office to have dinner with you. I came to do business. You don’t entertain stuff like that,” She added.Ghanaian Companies Are Stingy- Yvonne Nelson 2 Photo Credit: Getty


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