Funny! AY Comedian Taunts Hushpuppi Comically On Instagram

AY the Comedian has taken to Instagram to taunt flamboyant Nigerian, Hushpuppi. AY shared the photo of himself rocking a Gucci bag and called out Hushpuppi writing ‘@hushpuppi i am so impressed that everyone trust your judgement on the Gucci brand that started in Florence in 1921 even before your own father was born….. oya come and confirm my own make me too rest’.Hushpuppi immediately replied saying, ‘as my personality isnt for everyone, so is my response’.

And a couple hours, while celebrating Nigeira’s victory over Cameroon, AY imploded Hushpuppi to come down to his level and honour him with a response. He shared the photo above and wrote;

“The chat between me and Onazi was before the Nigerian game that we won 4:0. if you invest in @aycomedian victory is yours… Chairman @hushpuppi adjust ur personality to my low level, honour me with a response and bless me with more Gucci products. You will experience increase in your life within 24 hours #yourboy”Photo Credit: AY Comedian

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