Five Signs That You’re Forcing Yourself On Someone

Love is a beautiful thing as well as the complex thing of all. Love is a free gift and it should come naturally. Everyone deserve to love or to be loved.
However, there are times we tend to force love to happen in our favour, and hence only one person is committed in such relationship. We will reveal 5 signs to tell you when you are forcing yourself on someone.
1 You Make All The Plans Alone:
Planning alone means you are alone. The other party does not care. Love is a two way traffic and hence plans should be made together and not just a party.
2 You Are The Only One Calling:
Does you supposed partner call you? How frequently is the call? If you are the only one calling every time, there is something wrong. For a relationship to work, both party have to be calling each other frequently.

3 Always Confirming:
If you keep asking him/her whether he / she loves you is a danger sign. always seeking confirmation whether your partner loves is a clear indication that the relationship is one sided. His / Her actions alone is meant to show the sparks required in a relationship.
4 Emotionally Absence:
Do you feel that are you are single in a relationship? Do you feel you walking alone? The reason is simply the partner is emotionally unavailable, hence the relationship is doomed to fail.

5 You Don’t Talk About The Future:
In relationship, there are always talk about the future where future plans are made, like how to celebrate xmas together, where to go next weekend etc. If he / she rarely talk about future plans then you two are not meant to be.

Find time to know if you partner really need you in his/her life. One sided love is really exhausting and at the end you find out you wasting time and energy over someone who don’t worth it.

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