First Pepperdem Kiss! Khafi And Gedoni Caught Secretly Kissing On Camera

With Big brother Naija, the 18+ drama is to be expected. While season four has been on a low start with the housemates focusing on playing their game, housemates, Gedoni and Khafi have opened up the floor. The two were caught secretly kissing on camera while lying down on the bed. The two housemates who have been giving the viewers some clues that this would occur, clues including holding hands, and talking closely together. While Khafi is completely smitten with the housemate and is very open about her affection, Gedoni is more on the reserved side. This may be due to speculations that he has a thing for extra stunning ladies and in this case of one the more popular housemate Kim Oprah. Well, this didn’t stop him from kissing her secretly though! Photo Credit: Getty


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