‘Sex Toy’ Senator Elisha Abbo Videoed Again Assaulting A Young Man In Adamawa State

Another video of the Sex Toy assaulting Senator Elisha Abbo has gone viral with the Senator seen assaulting, slapping a young man in his hometown in Mudi, Adamawa State. Elisha Abbo

In the video, the Senator was seen speaking angrily, scolding and shouting at a particular young man while he was been recorded unknowingly the Senator got down from his car and launched a barrage of attacks, slaps at a particular young man before he was been restrained by the gathering crowd to stop him from further assaulting the young man from his hometown, his constituency which he represents.Gunmen kill Abbo Ishaku's uncle

This comes one year after he was captured slapping a nursing mother in a sex toy store in Abuja. The senator was first freed after he was charged to court, with the country citing no-case before he was resued and lost the case with the Judge asking him to pay N50million to the nursing mother he assaulted. Senator Elisha Abbo Pleads Not Guilty

Watch the clip of Senator Elisha Abbo assaulting a young Hausa man below;

Photo Credit: Getty

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