Don’t Believe Everything You Read Online – Etinosa Schools Fans

Etinosa Idemudia
Instagram comedienne and actress Etinosa Idemudia has restated one of the advises she gives her friends to her fans about advises and motivational talks that are pushed out on social media every now and then.
Etinosa said this in response to a tweet from actor Mike Ezeruonye which reads, “The best weight to loose in 2020 is the weight of Negative People’s Opinion. Go laugh in places you once cried. Change the Narrative BELIEVE IN YOU”.

In a series of Instastories, Etinosa agreed with her senior colleague, noting that one must guide one’s heart and mind with the truth or else the social media advisers, whom according to her are fake will mess one up. She further headed to her Instagram page to preach the need to believe in one’s self.
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“That’s why I always tell my friends, it’s not everything you watch or read online you believe. One must guide his heart and mind with the truth else these fake advisers will get you messed up. You watch a video on YouTube of a man or a woman you don’t even know telling you what to do or telling you all women are this or all men are that. How did that person know? Has he met all men?”, she wrote.
Believe in yourself, Ms Idemudia preached on
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