You Are A Liar – Ray J Speaks On Kim Kardashian’s ‘Ecstasy Induced Sex Tape’ Story

Singer Ray J has reportedly slammed claims made by Kim Kardashian on Sunday night’s episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians where she said she was high on Ecstasy when she filmed the infamous sex tape with Ray J years ago. According to Ray J, Kim is telling a lie.  Kim during the episode claimed she took the drug when she married her first husband Damon Thomas and took the drug again when she filmed the sex tape with Ray J in 2003. However, sources close to Ray J has come out to speak on this claim saying Kim did not take any hard drugs nor did she drink alcohol during the filming of the sex tape. They, however, said she smoked pot from a pipe shaped like a penis around the time the tape was made.  Sources from Ray J’s camp told TMZ that he’s offended that Kim would suggest she was high on drugs when they filmed the tape as she was down with it from the beginning and all the way through. Close sources to Kim, however, slammed these claims saying the reality TV star is standing by her claim and has nothing to gain from lying about it at this point in her life.  Photo Credit: Getty

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