Donald Trump Left Me A Very Generous Letter – US President Joe Biden

US President Joe Biden said former president, Donald Trump left him a “very generous letter” before leaving office.

Speaking from behind the Resolute Desk, Biden said he would not reveal the contents of the letter out of respect for former President Donald Trump.
“The President wrote a very generous letter,” Biden said. “Because it was private I will not talk about it until I talk to him”, the new President added.
President Joe Biden used his new-found powers to undo some of Donald Trump’s most controversial policies on his first day in office.

Biden, 77, wasted no time at all in acting to scrap a raft of measures brought in by the Trump administration since 2016. As he sat in the oval office for the first time and with one swipe of a pen, the President moved to scrap nine of his predecessor’s most high-profile policies.

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Within his first few hours as President, Biden re-joined the Paris climate accord and halted America’s departure from the World Health Organization (WHO). He also reversed Trump’s harsh immigration law, ending the ban he brought in on travel from some Muslim-majority countries.

The 46th president has also pulled the plug on funding for Trump’s divisive border wall, an executive order that is one of 17 that Biden has introduced during his first two days in office.

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