Music Review: The EP ”6th Heaven” Shows The Versatility & Artistic Prowess Of Niniola

Niniola the diva when it comes to Afro music has stepped up her game and finally drops her first sole R&B EP titled 6th Heaven. When the queen says it’s time, indeed it is time as her latest EP is purely filled with R&B vibes and it’s also her 4th studio work.
The 5-track EP has no features as the queen herself takes it all away melodically.niniolaFirstly, going into the first song on this EP The One, it is a lovely sound. Her voice was paced and pitched at the right speed and level. It is so good that even if she is singing rubbish which she wasn’t, you won’t notice. Hearing this track, it is very difficult to tell it is a Nigerian that sang it, although the pigin gave the song away but mehn one has to comment that Niniola has grown. Her vocal quality is outstanding. Just by this track, all the awards she has won indeed she deserves them. She has grown and seeing that this is an experimental project, wow. Just wow. The dimension and depth she has stepped into are fantastic and she has upped her game. Ninide as she calls herself is the one indeed.
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6th Heaven from which the EP gets its name is literally a 6th heaven that talks about the pleasures that come with intimacy. A polished and solidified way of talking about sex in a way that it can be sung anywhere without being too raw or blunt. Her instrumentals are full and the guitar here is a killer. But at a point she goes deep into describing the act, she says, Only the A/c blasting on high power, So when you lick my nipple Oh it’s on fire, I’m begging you to put it inside, Put it put it downnnnnnn
As she goes deeper, we can feel a sense of depth and direction in her modulations, instrumentation, and vocal ability. Thumbs up to the producers on this body of work I must say. Observing how she took her focus and tuned it into R&B, she is awesome even in this genre, way to go girl!
Her signature phrase Ninide is heard in all her tracks and Promise is no different.
Niniola is in a league of her own, looking at how she portrays the sound quality and dimensions. Here, talking about her love interest who has disappointed and fallen out of love with her. Promising him she says, I promise you this, you will never find, Someone as loving and peaceful like me.
At a point, she sounds like the likes of Toni Braxton in her song Yesterday. Hearing and seeing how Niniola took her time to drop an EP on R&B, the obvious effort to maintain that thin line that can take you from R&B to similar genres; her ability to not cross that line is just commendable. The visible growth and maturity seen in her as she steps into this genre of music highlight her talent and genius. The formation of her beats is classic, no cap!
The R&B feel on the track Baby and Ryde and literarily all the tracks are remarkable. Hearing her on this EP, one gets a feel of the Niniola we originally love, it’s commendable that even as she has matured and grown better she still maintains her originality, signature tune, and style. Some musicians grow and lose their old self along the way but Niniola maintains the ability to still retain her former style just refines it to get better day in day out.
Final Thoughts
A general overview of this entire EP brings to the realization that Niniola has stepped up. She has taken time to dig deeper into her strength and break boundaries.
As a result of this, she is able to delve into this realm and attain levels in vocal and tonal sects and we are proud of her. Her lyrics on every track is making sense as she depicts words coined and born from deep within and not from the surface. Constantly working on yourself is something foreign musicians are conversant with and so when they drop songs it just gets better. Seeing our won Nigerian musicians doing this same thing, gives us the hope that indeed we are growing and will definitely start setting the pace for other foreign musicians to follow. Niniola is an example of such people.Listen to the EP below;<
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