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Don Jazzy Gifts Female Footballer Abisola Fakiyesi Anthonia N6 Million For Surgery

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Nigerian music producer, Don Jazzy has extended a helping hand to a female footballer, Abisola Fakiyesi Anthonia, by donating ₦6 million for her knee surgery following an injury.

Anthonia took to her social media, sharing her ordeal through text and images, revealing that she twisted her left knee and it “immediately became swollen” on November 23rd, 2022.

She said that during a friendly game with FCT coaches in Abuja’s Area 3 pitch on that day, she, as a Naija Ratels player, sustained the knee injury while making a tackle.

The footballer said that despite seeking medical attention and various scans, it wasn’t until an MRI at Abuad Hospital in Ado Ekiti that she discovered a torn ACL, necessitating immediate surgery to resume playing football.

Expressing her hardship and inability to afford the estimated ₦5-6 million surgery costs, Anthonia appealed for financial support. She shared her struggles, acknowledging the inevitable nature of sports-related injuries and her reluctance to ask for help.

She wrote, “On November 23rd, 2022, during a friendly game with the FCT coaches in Area 3 pitch, Abuja, I was a Naija Ratels player.”

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“Twenty minutes into the game, I went in for a tackle and twisted my left knee. I was taken off the pitch on a stretcher, and immediately, my knee became swollen. I was advised to rest it for a while, as everyone thought it was a normal knee knock that needed rest.”

“A few days later, I started feeling severe pain in my knee. I did an X-ray, but no issue was seen. The doctor administered some medication, and I believed I’d recover as long as I rested my leg.”

“I went home for Christmas and returned in January, only to find out that the club had demoted me to the junior team in Makurdi and reduced my salary, without providing any basic medical care for my knee injury.”

“I sent numerous messages to the club’s Chairman @FcRatels, but I received no response.”

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In August 2023, I left Makurdi and had another X-ray at Nisa Premier Hospital, Abuja. The orthopedic doctor recommended an MRI scan.”

“I had the scan at Abuad Hospital in Ado Ekiti, and the result revealed that I had torn my ACL (Anterior cruciate ligament) and needed immediate surgery to be able to play football again.”

“I’ve been in pain for the past year, to the point where I started using crutches, taking pain-relieving medication daily, and wearing a knee brace constantly. I can’t engage in training or walk long distances due to the injury.”

“I know injuries are inevitable in sports, and I’m saddened and scared but determined to get through this. I’ve struggled with asking for help and sharing this story, but the truth is, I’m not financially or mentally capable of handling this alone without your help.”

“The estimated cost of the treatment and surgery is approximately ₦5-6 million. I would greatly appreciate any assistance and donations, regardless of the amount.”

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