Dear Gay Men… Bisi Alimi Has Some Words For You

Bisi Alimi
The first Nigerian to openly declare his sexuality on national television Bisi Alimi has put out some words t o men both straight and gay.
In a tweet, Bisi Alimi enriched and educated gays on what he called their rights to approach any man they like unless same tells them they are straight.Bisi Alimi
He then crossed over to the straight men, asking that they be honourable in dealing with any gay men who approaches them for a relationship, the same way lesbians are nice to them.
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“Dear gay men, unless a man tells you he is straight, you have a right to express your feelings towards him. Dear straight man, when a gay man says he has a feeling for you, be honourable and say “thank you but I am only into girls”. Just same way lesbians have been nice to you”,  he wrote.
Nigerians, however, warn gays not to try it in Nigeria
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