Aunty Aurora, I Hate University And I Want To Quit But My Parents Are Forcing Me So Stay

Dear Aunty Aurora,I’m a 21-year-old girl in my second year studying sociology at university and I want to quit but my parents won’t let me.I do not see a reason to going to university and wasting so many years when I can easily use my talent in designing and making clothes. I already have a good customer base and I love all things fashion. Last year I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I had suicidal thoughts and I tried talking to my parents but they shout me down. They say they never had the opportunities I have and I should cheer up, stop moaning and get on with it. Thanks Iyabo, Agege, Lagos.Dear Iyabo, It is clear they don’t understand depression, which is a serious illness not a matter of cheering up. It would be a shame to quit university due to illness. Get proper treatment – talking therapy as well as medication.Photo Credit: Getty

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