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Beauty DIY: Common Makeup Mistakes To Avoid

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When it comes to makeup, creativity is endless as there are a million and one way to achieve everything in makeup. But when talking about common makeup mistakes to avoid, a lot of people find it hard to correct because they are not even aware of the particular mistake.

common makeup mistakes to avoid

The same way there are numerous ways to achieve everything in makeup, likewise, there are a lot of common makeup mistakes to avoid.
Not Applying Moisturizer In The Morning
No matter your skin type, moisturizer is a vital step in any skincare routine – in the morning and at night. Yes, even if you have oily skin. In fact, when skin isn’t adequately hydrated, it overcompensates by producing more oil.
common makeup mistakes to avoid
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Too Much Blush
Looking like you are blushing is actually very cute but when your cheeks are perpetually pink even when you are not smiling, then there is a problem. One of the common makeup mistakes to avoid is applying too much blush. Simply smile, and apply a moderate amount of blush for effect.
common makeup mistakes to avoid
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Wearing The Wrong Shade Of Foundation
Just like its name foundation, it is what carries every other makeup product that will come on the face, so the moment you go wrong with the shade of foundation, you have it all wrong. If you do not know your shade of foundation, simply apply the different shades on your jawline and blend to your neckline to test if it actually is your shade.
common makeup mistakes to avoid
Applying Makeup Under Wrong Lighting
Lighting plays a major role when it comes to makeup. There are common makeup mistakes to avoid and this is one that should be avoided; applying makeup under wrong lighting. Good lighting is needed if you want to have very good makeup on your face at the end of the day.
common makeup mistakes to avoid
Not Doing Your Lips Last
Not doing the lips last is one of the common makeup mistakes to avoid but not everyone is aware of this. Doing the lips last helps you have the perfect ending to the beautiful story being painted and told on the face.
common makeup mistakes to avoid
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