‘Buhari Is Incompetent’- Oby Ezekwesili Cries Out

The Presidential candidate of Allied Congress Party of Nigeria, Oby Ezekwesili, has come out to say President Buhari is incompetent in a statement she shared, she said; “We have seen serial failures in this administration. The President rewards incompetency and I am not surprised because the President himself is incompetent but does not realise it. What he does is to extend their stay in offices in which they have failed. We have seen it with the military. We have seen it with the police.“He has retained the IG of police after the expiration of his tenure. Is it for stellar performance? This is an IG of police the President told the whole country he did not go to where he was assigned to go to in Benue State. What the President is essentially telling us is that the Nigerian life does not matter that much to him, otherwise he should be very aghast at the level of killings that happened.” Photo Credit: Getty


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