Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Breaking: Nigeria’s Presidential Candidate Obiageli ‘Oby’ Ezekwesili Is KOKO’s 2018 ‘Woman of the Year’

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Change is the only constant thing in life. And with the advent of social media, our world as we know it is changing so fast. With varying challenges that we might be facing be it economic, political, social or environmental, we thankfully still have individuals and women leading, inspiring and championing hope for our generation. And with that in mind, we as an organisation annually we choose a ‘Woman of the Year’.We begin the process with a mid-year meeting among all stakeholders and a tentative nomination list is drawn, the nominations are varied and the debates vigorous, never more so than in an era of amazing talents, achievements, excellence in diverse fields and women who have made a whole lot of positive change on the African continent. Our 2018 ‘Woman of the Year’ represents not only her trailblazing efforts but more importantly, embodies the hopes and achievements of millions of extraordinary women who make a difference every day across our nations and continent. KOKO’S 2018 Woman Of The Year is Transparency International’s activist-founder, convener of the#BringBackOurGirls campaign and Nigeria’s Presidential aspirant, Obiageli Ezekwesili. And ‘Oby’ Ezekwesili is the cover star of The KOKO Magazine (International) Special Edition.Ezekwesili, former Minister of Education (and later) Solid Minerals in Nigeria, Vice President for Africa in the World Bank and the Chairperson of the Nigeria Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (NEITI). Despite politicians not often been considered as obvious candidates for our ‘Woman of the Year’ award…Oby Ezekwesili’s message of hope and inspiration when she announced her ambition for the Nigeria Presidency was rousing and uplifting to a country that is at a political crossroad. Oby Ezekwesili said:

“I offer myself to lead a people’s movement that will permanently terminate bad leadership, ethnic and religious divisions, mediocrity and failure in governance in Nigeria. I bring a message of hope. A hope that a stable, progressive and prosperous society is possible. A hope that together – with the support of those in this room and the millions who will join us on this historic journey in the coming weeks and months – we shall remove any barrier standing in the way of the #NewNigeriaOfOurDream. Our time has finally come!”

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