Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Beauty Trend: Anita Baker Hairstyles Are Uber-Cool….These Are The 6 You Must Definitely Try 

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Anita Baker has so far been one ever charming hairstyle that never goes out of beauty as this hairstyle can be traced back to the old yet, the young rocks it now like its new. This hairstyle can also be identified with famous singer and songwriter Anita Baker.The vintage pictures of Anita Baker have inspired many women all over the world to experiment with their own hair and try something new. Anita has originated this look back in the 80’s, but the singer admitted that she was inspired by Janet Jackson’s short hair. Since then, many celebrities have tried out the signature Anita Baker hairstyle and made it popular once more among the younger generations.First, the beauty of this hairstyle is that it is quite simple and easy to maintain. A trip to a hair salon every once in a while should be enough, as it is very easy to style it without any professional help. It works best for the natural thick curly hair, but some variations of this style are appropriate for straight hair as well.The Anita Baker hairstyle works for almost anyone. You can make it look serious and professional or fun and approachable with minimal effort. If the only thing that is holding you back from trying this hairstyle is the fear of not looking feminine enough, do not worry. Anita has proven time and time again that women with short hair can look just as feminine as their long-haired sisters with the right makeup and styling.Second, We have this short hairstyle. It is a great option for women with natural thick curly hair, as it is not as demanding as some of the longer cuts are. The slightly highlighted top is also a very nice touch that makes the hairstyle look more interesting.If you are ready to spend quite some time and effort on your hair, then go for this hairstyle. It requires quite a lot of upkeep, but it looks really fascinating. Some fierce makeup will really help to sell this look.Our next pick is this absolute beauty. It is very close to the original Anita Baker look, but it looks more modern and fresh. To be honest, for the first few moments, we even thought that the leaf earpiece was a part of the hair! If you go for this, however, you will need to maintain the shaved sides and take good care of your curls to look this good.Another classic take on the Anita Baker hairstyle, this one will be more appropriate for women with straight/wavy hair. Otherwise, you will need a hair straightener and lots of hair products. This is a very simple but chic look that you should definitely try at least once.Apart from the famous high-top fade hairstyle, Anita also rocked a bowl cut. Even though not that many people could pull off such hairstyle, she did it flawlessly. Following in her footsteps, American singer Jennifer Hudson decided to make bowl cuts trendy again. The hair might not be as voluminous as Anita’s, but it is a really good remake of the iconic 80’s hairstyle.There are so many other ways you can play with the Anita Baker haircut. The possibilities are endless. If you have been thinking about ‘the big chop’, then do it with style and discover a new you! We hope you like our choices of Anita Baker hairstyles. Which one is your personal favourite? Let us know in the comments.Photo Credit: Getty

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