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Beauty DIY: How To Remove Pimples Permanently

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Pimples are one skin problem that everyone has experienced, some people are even still trying to treat this skin problem to date. Many say it is part of the growth process, but the desire arises on how to remove pimples permanently when it becomes persistent.

How to remove pimples permanently is a solution a lot of people are seeking because, of course, everyone wants to have a clear and smooth face. So here are super easy ways on how to remove pimples permanently;
Have A Face Towel
Whether or not you have pimples, ensure to have a towel meant for your face alone. Do not use the same towel you use to clean your entire body for your face also. Although most people, do not practice this act because they are used to using one towel for every part of their body. Doing this will solve the problem when it comes to how to remove pimples.
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how to remove pimples permanently

Maintain Skin Hygiene
Maintaining skin hygiene is a very good solution when it comes to how to remove pimples permanently. With this, you can even prevent pimples from appearing on your face.
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Tomato is not just a fruit used for cooking but it works wonders when it is used on the face. While maintaining good skin hygiene, apply tomatoes on the face and leave for 10-15minutes. Do this every night before going to bed and you are good to go.
tomato how to remove pimplesimple
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