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Baba Ijesha: Nigerian Laws Need To Be Amended On All Levels – Busola Dakolo

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Nigerian photographer Busola Dakolo has also given her reaction to the reports that Baba Ijesha’s case is bailable and the statement of the Police source that he didn’t have sex with his said victim in the CCTV evidence provided but only touched her.
Recall that Nigeria had gone wild with reactions as Punch Metro reported that a Police source said the embattled Baba Ijesha may be released on Friday. This, was however, debunked by the Lagos Police.Baba Ijesha: Nigerian Laws Need To Be Amended On All Levels - Busola Dakolo
Taking to her IG page, Busola Dakolo noted that the Nigerian laws need to be amended at all levels and the leaders of the nation need proper education. According to her, the fight against rape needs to be fought from the winning point and the reformation of the laws of the land is where the battle is as rapists are now referred to as the victims.
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“The Nigerian laws need amendment on all levels. We have to fight from the place of winning, law reforms is where the battle is. Rapists are now named Victims; that is what we are fighting against”, her picture text reads.

Baba Ijesha: Nigerian Laws Need To Be Amended On All Levels - Busola DakoloMC Dazzlin Daizy then rode on her post to school on what sexual assault is, naming some forms it occurs, adding that the Nigerian leaders need proper education. “NIGERIA LEADERS NEED PROPER EDUCATION…Any form of touching that can make a child feel uncomfortable is AN ASSAULT! A SEXUAL ABUSE! be it’s a long hug pressing them tight on your chest, unwanted touching of any kind, or even the kind of look you give them. Some of these kind of touching can be confusing to some children if parents don’t teach them what inappropriate touching is”, she captioned the picture text she shared.
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Shifting to parents and guardians,
Dazzlin Daizy spoke on, “Here are some examples of inappropriate touching we can speak to our children about: * Being groped * Having someone rub your thighs * Being Kissed * Being forced to sit on someone’s lap * Having your buttocks grabbed or rubbed * Having your breasts/Chest touched *Having your private parts fondled”, she wrote. When people think of child sexual abuse they often assume that intercourse had to have occurred; however, this is not true. Unwanted touching such as groping and touching of private parts is considered child sexual abuse.Additionally, being subjected to pornography or forced to take nude photographs is child sexual abuse!”, she added.Baba Ijesha: Nigerian Laws Need To Be Amended On All Levels - Busola Dakolo“Sadly, children are often intimidated, threatened, or they feel guilty, which is why they often don’t tell anyone about being touched inappropriately by a coach, teacher, leader at church, family member or by any other adult or child. Additionally, many children are confused about what happened and whether it is or isn’t considered sexual abuse, as is oral and anal sex. What children and their parents need to know is that abusers often start out with groping and inappropriate touching—coercing children into it.”
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“Sometimes children don’t even know that sexual behavior has occurred until the abuser graduates to the next level and it is more obvious, such as asking the child to touch the abuser’s private parts or engage in a sexual activity. JUST BECAUSE INAPPROPRIATE TOUCHING DOESN’T INVOLVE INTERCOURSE, DOESN’T MEAN IT’S HARMLESS! IN FACT, MANY CHILDREN HAVE BEEN EMOTIONALLY SCARRED FOR LIFE BY BEING TOUCHED BY SOMEONE AGAINST THEIR WILL! I just weep for that country. How can law makers say, it was just touching, he didn’t have sex with the child. something they will never allow to happen to their own children!!!
“, she concluded.
Dazzlin Daizy reacts to Busola Dakolo's post about Baba Ijesha KOKO TV Nigeria
Dazzlin Daizy reacts to Busola Dakolo’s post about Baba Ijesha
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