I Think I Will End My Tenure On Earth- Rapper Azealia Banks Shares Suicidal Message

Rapper Azealia Banks seems to be handling the pandemic very hard and has been sharing some disturbing message across social media raising concerns among her fans and colleagues.

Rapper Azealia Banks Shares Suicidal Messageshe shared a series of text posts to Instagram that suggested she planned to end her own life. Azealia Banks followed up the posts with audio messages shared to her Instagram Stories on Sunday in which she expressed plans to ‘euthanize’ herself after she finished the music she is currently working on.

The troubling messages arrived a week after she filmed herself shaving her head in order to ‘feel fresh again’ after ‘years of trauma and drama.’ The rapper has however assured fans that she is doing very well and went on to call out people who reached out to her management under the guise of concern but wanted to get insider details on her mental health.
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