Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Aunty Aurora: Is It Okay For My Best Friend To Date My Ex?

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Dear Aunty Aurora,
My name is Florence and I will really appreciate if I get a response to my question soon. The thing is, I just discovered that my best friend started dating one of my exes and truthfully it hurts. I broke up with this guy about a year ago and this friend of mine knows about it. She was aware of everything that led to the break up and thats why its so painful to know that she would go behind me and date this same guy. Ever since I found out, I have stopped picking her calls even though she has been begging that we should meet up so she can explain everything to me. I really don’t want to hear what she has to say because I am so pissed. Am I really overreacting or what she did really warrants my anger?
From Delta.

Dear Florence,
I really do think you are overreacting and you need to take a step back and reevaluate your stance. You already broke up with this guy and why you are still so hung up over him might be something you need to examine. If this is not a case of you still pinning for your ex then I think you are just being a tad selfish. You need to know that you do not own your ex neither do you own your friend.

Outside of whatever you might have had with this guy, he is free to date ANYBODY and that includes your friend, if they so choose. Getting all possessive over your ex and taking out your anger on your friend shows that you are only thinking about your own self. Its only fair you hear your friend out if your friendship actually means anything to you. Try to hear her side of the story and try to be happy for her because that is what friends do. Just because your relationship with the guy did not work out doesn’t mean your friend doesn’t stand a chance. If you feel you won’t be comfortable seeing them together you can say this to your friend but don’t try to stand in the way of the relationship, you will end up loosing both ways. Aunty Aurora.
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