Aunty Aurora, My Friend Is Delaying Paying The ₦40,000 I Borrowed Him, What Should I Do?

Dear Aunty Aurora,
I borrowed my friend ₦40000 last December. He promised to repay the money into my account by January but hasn’t.

Now his girlfriend has texted me saying she can’t believe I’ve asked for the money back after all he has done for me. Yes, he has helped me in the past, but I haven’t seen him for ages.

I’m so angry. What has it got to do with her? My friend is always saying he is skint, yet he can still buy nice things. Debo, Ogbomosho.
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Dear Debo,

Lending friends money can be fraught with problems.

Maybe next time, unless you are sure you can trust a friend to keep their word and repay, decide not to loan it again. Otherwise you will end up feeling angry and betrayed.FG exempts banks from lockdownPhoto Credit: Getty

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