Thursday, December 8, 2022

Aunty Aurora: I’m Paying Instagram Slay Queens For Sex As I Am Embarrassed About The Size of My Manhood

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Dear Aunty Aurora: I’ve been using prostitutes (or better put, ‘Slay Queens’) for sex because I know I don’t measure up in the bedroom. I’m 32 and my last relationship was 2 years ago when I got talking to a girl who caught the same bus to work as me. After a few weeks of dating we had sex. I was really anxious before we did the deed because it was my first time but I didn’t tell her. When I removed my trouser before sex, I saw her smirk. My worst fears were realised when she didn’t seem to enjoy it and she certainly didn’t orgasm. She ended our relationship not long after with the “It’s me, not you” line but I’ll never forget my performance with her. It haunts me – and I’ve never had a girlfriend since.I was chatting to a work colleague one day a few months ago and he said he’d used social media when he wanted company. I started looking online and found a lot of girls that you pay for sex. I met a lovely girl, she was 26 and after we met she asked whether I’d like sex. I took her home and we had sex. She said it was great. I left feeling good about myself but then I thought she’d say anything as I was paying her for it. I booked another girl the following week using a different platform in case the girls knows themselves and word got around about my size. The same thing happened with a girl who was 28. She also said I was a good lover. I didn’t believe her but then I didn’t need to see her again. I’m now booking and paying girls every week and it’s taking all my money. I can’t go on like this. Are these girls telling me the truth about my size? Thank you. David, IkoyiDear David: The sex may have been OK but the best sex is in a relationship where you really have a connection. A good lover isn’t judged at all by penis size because a woman’s sexual satisfaction doesn’t depend on inches – it’s your skill as a lover which thrills a woman. The look your last girlfriend gave you has haunted you but perhaps you misjudged her. She may have smirked out of awkwardness, wondering what you’d think of her. She ended your relationship but it may have been nothing to do with the sex.Photo Credit: Getty

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