Friday, December 9, 2022

Aunty Aurora: I’m Finally Dating The Man I’ve Always Crushed-On, But The Sex Is Crap

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Dear Aunty Aurora,

Although I’m seriously in love with a man I’d wanted for years, the sex isn’t good. We met at work and he ticked every box but he was spoken for, and the timing was wrong.

Years later we met up by chance and he’s now free and he feels the same about me as I do about him. I’m 32 and he’s 34 and at first I was up on cloud nine. On our first night together I felt so excited, I just couldn’t wait. The foreplay was ace, then it all went downhill and was over too soon. That’s how it’s been ever since. What should I do? Yetunde, Egbeda

Dear Yetunde,

That first night was loaded with expectation. You couldn’t wait – and neither could he. It’s not a disaster, it’s just down to nerves. Next time it happens just cuddle and chill, make him laugh – and then do it again. Chances are the second time will be better.

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