Aunty Aurora, I Want To Be Intimate But My Husband Is Not Interested

Dear Aunty Aurora, I’ve been married to my husband for four years but we have only had hot scintillating sex half a dozen times. I feel like he doesn’t understand how much I want to be really treated like a woman in bed.I am 33 and he is 36. He shouldn’t be past wanting to have a good sex life at that age. He says he loves me but it is difficult to feel he means it when all we do is have foreplay and sloppy sex. Even that is only about once a week. I have tried talking to him about it but he just looks miserable and I have to change the subject and find ways of cheering him up. Thanks, Ijeoma, Ikotun – Lagos.Dear Ijeoma, If by “hot great sex” you mean good orgasmic intercourse, your husband might well have worries about getting or keeping an erection. Tell him you have to talk honestly about what the problem is because that’s the way to sort it.Photo Credit: Getty

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