Monday, December 5, 2022

Aunty Aurora: My Husband’s Low Sex Drive Makes Me Want To Leave Him

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Dear Aunty Aurora,
I was sexually active before I married my husband. We never had sex before we got married as my husband said he did not believe in sex before marriage and that it is unbiblical. I love him and decided to wait till we got married. After our wedding, I discovered that my husband does not really want sex and I have had sex six times in two years.I’m a beautiful 29-year old, who gets asked out by male admirers, I have have been together with my 33-year old husband for four years and we have a two-year-old baby girl. I love my husband but he never instigates sex. He rejects me in the bedroom and says he doesn’t want counselling or doctors. He says that he loves me but has no sex drive. I’m angry that he didn’t tell me before we got married. I’ve met a new man through work and I feel a strong connection. I’m tempted to leave the man I love and go for a man who wants sex. Adeola. Grace, Abuja.Dear Adeola,
Sorry to hear that your marriage is not what you seem to bargain for. If you want to have sex and you need to feel loved and desired then it appears that you’re never going to be happy with your husband. His sex drive won’t change unless he wants it to change. You have your little girl to think of too, so work through all of this with your husband and find what the underlying issues are for him. Open up to him about the possibility of you leaving him if he does not seek help. I hope that works, for the sake of your baby and marriage.Photo Credit: Getty

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