Aunty Aurora: My Hubby Is In A Slump Since Losing His Job And He Doesn’t Care About My Miscarriage

Dear Aunty Aurora,

My husband lost his job recently. Now he keeps complaining how rubbish his life is rather than doing something about it.I am 26, he’s 29 and we’ve been married for two years. Three months ago I had a miscarriage and I have been struggling emotionally without getting much support from my husband. Instead of looking for another job he is thinking himself into a worse state of mind, and who gets the brunt of it all? Me. When he’s not in a mood the real him comes out, the guy I fell in love with, who understands and thinks rationally. I want him back. Thank You. Felicia, LekkiDear Felicia,

It is a jolt to anyone’s confidence when they lose their job but your husband has gone into catastrophe mode. Be supportive but refuse to let him take out his frustration on you. Suggest he actively look for a new job, and go for a long walk or cycle or swim every day. Exercise is proven to help lift your mood.Photo Credit: Getty

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