Friday, October 7, 2022

Aunty Aurora: My Girlfriend Says Her Discharge Is Normal….But I Strongly Disagree

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Hello Aunty Aurora,
I have followed your columns with casual interest and I never thought I would one day be one of the number of “clueless” lovers penning a letter to you. But my recent predicament has made this the best source of solution. I am a man of few words so I’ll be very brief and direct. I have been dating my girlfriend for a couple of years now and I am quite contented with the relationship. But a couple of months back, I started noticing some physiological features I’m not totally comfortable with. It seems that since three months ago, my girl have started emitting an abnormal amount of vaginal discharge which causes an awkward smell. I have discussed by discomfort with her but she insists that it is normal for every girl and that if I truly loved her, I would tolerate it. So my question is; Should I stay and endure or should I flee as fast as possible.
Dayo A from FESTACHello Dayo,
I truly understand your predicament but unfortunately, vaginal discharge is a poorly understood issue in the world. If your concerns are health-related, you do not need to worry. Because it is just a normal by-process of a lady’s menstrual cycle. They do not constitute a health hazard in anyway and provided that your girlfriend takes care of her hygiene like any other girl, there is absolutely no issue. If you think the amount of discharge is beyond normal, then you can convince her to see a doctor but I do believe that the hospital would echo the same things I am saying right now. But if it goes beyond health and the issue makes you uncomfortable, there are ways to manage the flow of discharge. You should also consult a doctor. I do not believe that staying with her during this stage is a proof of your love and loyalty but, if you truly love her, you shouldn’t let something as physiologically normal and healthy as a vaginal discharge put an end to the love.Aunty Aurora
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