‘APC Has Taken All Our Corrupt Members’- PDP

'APC Has Taken All Our Corrupt Members'- PDP 1The People’s Democratic party (PDP) has come out to claim that it is a clean party has all its corrupt members have deflected to the APC, according to Kunle Okunola who is a PDP candidate for a seat as a member of the House of Representatives said; “We are the only party that went through democratic selection when we were doing the structural replacement of our hierarchy, including the presidential candidate of our party. 'APC Has Taken All Our Corrupt Members'- PDP 2A party that does not practice internal democracy cannot help Nigeria out of the problem it has found itself. We have provided the leadership. And the corruption that they put on our neck, we have shed all the corrupt party leaders to the APC and I can say it. So, the PDP is free of corruption; APC is the mother of corruption for the past 3 years,”'APC Has Taken All Our Corrupt Members'- PDP 3 Photo Credit: Getty


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