Amanda Jingela Redefines Maternity Fashion

When you talk about Maternity fashion the one thing a lot of people see or understand is boring, drabby outfits but Amanda Jingela redefined maternity fashion ans showed us the chicest bump looks you would ever find.
Amanda Jingela Redefines Maternity Fashion
Amanda Jingela Redefines Maternity Fashion
The beauty enthusiast rocked her baby bump with all the attitude you would ever find and made us fall in love with a baby bump. Her 9 months journey was dedicated to serving ultra chic looks and the yummiest pregnancy style around.  For Amanda this pregnancy journey was all about bumping and glowing.

She embraced her baby bump and rocked it with a lot of confidence. If there is one thing she did with her bump and pregnancy journey it is becoming a style inspiration for mum’s  to be and reminding them that pregnancy is not meant to cramp your style but an opportunity to redefine your glam game.

1. Slay your bump in a jumpsuit

2. Bodycon and sneakers never looked so good

3. Queening with the bump

4. Keep it simple in a free shift dress
5. Blue us all away

Photo Credit: Instagram

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