Wednesday, January 26, 2022

7 Beauty Hacks Every Lady Must Know

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Welcome, dear KOKOnista. it is yet another time for beauty and everything beauty and tody, it is Beauty Hacks! Last week, we served you 10 Wonders Vinegar Can Do For Your Beauty. Did you try it out? if not, ensure you do. It really does wonders, especially the ACV. Want to know what the ACV is, then read up in the post.
We will be sharing with you a fantastic roundup 7 great do it yourself and homemade beauty hacks to get you looking and feeling fantastic! Scroll through these beauty hacks, try them out and ensure you give your feedback after you do.
  1. Mascara Longevity: It is usually painful to see mascara dry up and being useless. Never worry, it’s gunning be fine. 2-3 eye drops will do the perfect job in bringing your eyes magic back to life. As simple and handy as that! Isn’t it the simplest beauty hack you’ve ever known?
  2. Thicker Eyelashes:
    7 Beauty Hacks Every Lady Must Know
  3. Say bye to Puffy Eyes, Dark Circles, Swollen Eyes, Eyes Bags, and more with the C+CO!: Coffee and Coconut Oil are the magicians you may not have known yet. In dealing with the aforementioned face issues, just prepare the eye mask with tablespoons of coffee powder in a bowl and add in equal ratio or proportion of coconut oil. Mix well mix making sure, cleanse the face well and massage mixture under the eyes or the affected area. Keep it for 15 minutes and remove the excess coffee powder, then massage again gently for about 3 to 4 minutes. You may wash it off with mild cleanser or take it to sleep, any which way, all good! On the other hand, Coffe and Olive oil can help your skin appear tighter and smoother temporarily. Just make a simple scrub out of ground coffee and olive oil and rub generously for silky, toned legs.
  4. Want Hair Pins To Stay In Place Longer?, then all you need do is have them sprayed with your hairspray and they stay put as long as you want. Endeavour to recommend this to any bridal hairstylist you know, not all ladies know these beauty hacks, you know. Let others benefit from your knowledge as you spread the gospel of beauty hacks, lol.
  5. Tired of Acne? Just dab some lemon juice on the affected areas once daily and watch acne disappear!
  6. Used Green Tea Bags Are Not Useless: your tea bags are not useless after brewing, so stop throwing them away. They are good wrinkles and acne vanisher. Scrub the used tea bag on a clean face gently and leave the tea to dry up on your skin. Green tea helps reduces redness, decreases damage from pollution and fights signs of aging.
  7. Itchy, irritated skin?: Apply a handful of oatmeal in your bath can help soothe sunburns and other skin issues (such as those caused by psoriasis and eczema). Once the oatmeal has been in the bath for some time, you can use it as a gentle body scrub as well.
    Bonus: Dry, Broken Lips?Photos Credit: Getty
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