Wednesday, December 7, 2022

5 Ways To Flaunt Your Ankara Eye Shade And Turban

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First off, let us begin by saying welcome to a new month and welcome to the very first Ankara post for the month of march.As we’ve always emphasized in previous articles, our relish of the Ankara fabric (Ankara eye shade) is second to none.

ankara eye shadeOne reason for this is the uniqueness and versatility of the famed African print; the ability to weave, pattern and embed it into different items and accessories.
The Ankara shade and turban is a trendy look that you must not skip this month. Moreover, with the wave of heat we are currently experiencing and the dust, there has been no better time to look sexy in these accessories.
Here are five ways to flaunt your Ankara eye shade and turban.
1. The golden yellow

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2. A little cleavage never killed anybody

3. Go for the sultry look.

4. Sometimes, you don’t need a necklace


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