5 Tips On How To Hook Up With A Girl On Social Media

Whether she’s already your friend or not, here is how to go after a girl on social media and make her fall in love with you.

Because our lives have become so, so linked with the use of technology and how we think and communicate, love on social media has become very very rampant, too.

Everywhere you look, almost every time, people are dropping testimonials of how they met the love of their life on social media, how they created strong unbreakable connections with women online.

Amidst the lockdown, more hookups happened than ever before. With old flames, new flames, friends taking their relationship to the next level. A lot of people had too much time on their hands with girls at home unable to hang out and hook up same for guys all that is left is who’s got the better game to hook up with girls online.

With over 2 billion users on Facebook, 2.1 billion Whatsapp users, 1 billion users on Twitter where else is the biggest sea to cast your fishing net to get as much as possible. Whether they’re on your friend’s list or not, here is how to toast a girl on social media platforms and make her fall in love with you:

1. Don’t get ahead of yourself:

Yes, you want to get the girl. But can you, at least, be a little subtle about it?!

Women don’t want to be get barraged by questions and unnecessarily flattering comments especially from someone they don’t even know at all.
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Keep it simple. Follow the process until it is cool to go all out. You don’t want to go guns blazing into someone’s DM when they only just followed you back a few minutes prior. Start by posting simple comments under their pictures, posts, status updates etc. Pace yourself sensibly in your bid to get noticed. You give yourself a greater chance that way.Social media Dating

2. Compliments Work:

Know when to tell her she looks beautiful, she looks gorgeous with that make-up or without it. She posts a new snap with nice shoes just subtly tell her your “shoes looks chic”. Or tell her your looks beautiful like this style was created just for you.

Compliments like these work most times. But by all means, never be cheesy with it.

Complimenting women in itself will never be a cheesy thing, neither will it ever go out of fashion. It is the way you go about it that could be cheesy and uninspiring.

3. Hey Dude! Come On No Dick Pics!

This is an absolute no no! This does not even need to be said. If you are sane and with any modicum of reason, you should know better than sending unsolicited pictures of your privates to a woman in the hopes of getting her attention. Sadly, many guys seem to always forget this so we still need to remind them and get it into their thick skull.

In a broader sense, the rule here is that you shouldn’t be a dick. Stay classy about the whole thing.

4. What you post:

If you want to get someone’s attention on Facebook or any other social media platform for that matter, the things you post on your own page really count, too!

You will be judged and assessed by the things you post on your timeline aka wall. If you post trash, you will be treated accordingly.

5. Be Creative:

This is like the biggest rule in the book really. Why? Because there is no post that can profile the babe you want to get perfectly. It is you who can do that yourself through observation. When your interest in a girl is aroused, what you need is to try to know her as much as possible [through the things she posts, of course], then tailor your approach along those lines.

No rule is bigger than this. It is what you need to know above every other one.

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