5 Secret Beauty Tips You Never Knew You Needed For A Perfectly Beautiful Skin

The pursuit of perfect skin has led many women into falling for false product claims; spending millions on botched surgical treatments and snake oils, some that have led to irreversible conditions.

You don’t have to be one of them.

Beautiful skin is an instant confidence booster and it is no wonder we all want it.

Using shortcuts is not the way to go but rather, look for beauty tips women have used for years and have actually been proven to work without risking your health.

Whether its makeup, beauty products or skincare routine, here are some beauty tips you never knew you needed.

Facial massages: 
When we talk about massages, our mind instantly goes to body massages and rightly so because most of the times we go to a spa, we cater to our bodies forgetting our faces.

Other than helping you to relax, facial massages help tone facial muscles, release toxins, improve product absorption and boost blood circulation. This helps deflate puffiness, brighten your skin tone, increase collagen production and cell growth resulting in glowing skin.

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 Peach fuzzes on a woman are not cute and we can all agree with that. Inspect your skin first thing in the morning under natural light to see any stubble that may be sticking out.

You may choose to use a razor to shave or other methods to remove facial hair depending on your hair texture, thickness and coverage.

The reason you want to get rid of that hair is to allow seamless application of foundation, prevent breakouts and clogged pores.

Drink water:
 This may not be a secret, however, the best thing you can do for your body overall is to drink lots of water. Water keeps your body refreshed and hydrated maintaining your skin’s elasticity.

By flushing out toxins in your body, hydration gives you healthy looking skin and you are less likely to show premature signs of aging, wrinkles and suffer from scaring.

Therefore, always have a bottle of water wherever you go and spritz some on your face when it gets too hot.

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 If you’re like me and you wear dark nail polish month in month out, then you know the hustle of getting rid of the yellow pigment left behind when you remove the polish.

To get rid of the discoloration on your toes and finger nails, scrub using a whitening toothpaste until you get the results you desire. It works pretty well and you will be left with minty fresh toes and nails.

Match and Mix: If you want your skin to be well moisturized, get a natural looking glow or shimmer and appear even toned, get mixing.

Get your favorite lotion and add some oils, bronzer or whatever else you want to help tackle in your skin. This works especially well when you’re pressed with time and still want to look cute without the whole process of applying makeup and all.Yemi Alade Reacts To Tiwa Savage's Video, Says City Fm's OAPs Are Poor In Mind

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