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5 Reasons Why Nigerian Women Should Embrace Polygamy

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First, before jumping straight into the conversation, I think there is the need to clarify first the complete meaning of what “Polygamy” is.

The word polygamy is a compound word for both polygyny and polyandry, the where later means (one man is married to more than one wife at a time) while the other polyandry means (one woman marrying more than one husband at a time or simultaneously).
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Now when we say “embracing polygamy”, it is a call on society to give the freedom or come to the acceptance of both genders been free to have more than just one sexual partner and relationship companion. That is losing the shackles of one religion monogamist believes as to another’s the support of just one gender having the freedom of having multiple partners with a superseding control and capacity to own and lord over the opposite gender. 

The more people think monogamy is ordained by nature—or God—the more they are likely to think sexual temptation means they are evil people, or that they simply married the wrong spouse. As to just understanding them being true to their human nature and disposition.

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The historical/anthropological case for polygyny—all those pharaohs, sultans and Old Testament patriarchs—is briskly set out, more a reminder than breaking news. In 1998, the University of Wisconsin surveyed more than a thousand societies and found that only 186 were monogamous. (Officially, that is: adultery exists in all times and places.)

Given the record, from the hundreds of wives collected by Egyptian pharaohs to biblical patriarchs with their handful to the number of people signed on to the Ashley Madison adultery site, “you’d think we’d be aware of our biological inclinations. And not fall for some of the human-built societal constraints.
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This constrains and fights against the true human nature of polygamy is seriously destroying the modern societal construct, with modern Nigerian women fighting against obvious truths, with feigning belief to wear the cap of the western societies that are also extremely flawed is the main reason why there is a lot of divorce case in the African society now more than ever.    

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But with more and more infusion of western culture diluting the African culture, young African women are kicking back against the idea of them having to share their husbands. These making husbands, men more and more prone to having mistresses, baby mamas, and side-chics instead of just marrying another wife. But the truth is that the Nigerian laws are not against a man having more than one wife, with some particular public Nigerian figures and celebrities taking the bull by the horn and having more than one wife with the reckless abandon of the western cultural influence on the modern Nigerian women.

Brief research through, the number of divorce cases current in the Nigerian court system between 2018 to date, shows that there’s being over 12,000 cases on record that’s the official number, that’s not cucumber with the unofficial and unrecorded figures.
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A strong conviction and research has led to why I dare say there is the need to embrace polygamy, for true equality and equity, and not the call for one-sided feminism but hidden desires to enjoy the benefits of patriarchy, below are 5 highlights of embracing polygamy can help with;

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  1. Embracing the Natural Human Nature 
  2. It will help reduce cheating, you want another woman, or another man in your marriage it is societally acceptable rather get married before doing it. If you’re caught out of wedlock doing there are severe punishments. 
  3. Reduce Adultery
  4. Cuts out the baby mama/side chic wahala. Once you share a child together she automatically becomes your wife you’re made to reconsider getting down if you really don’t want a child yet.
  5. It Will help reduce STDs African society and Polygamy

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