Monday, August 8, 2022

5 Places And Reasons Why You Should Make Dakar Your Next Travel Destination

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Dakar, Senegal’s capital is a beautiful city with sprawling attractions and centers that will keep you loving the place. With a generally warm climate and home to France and Portuguese colonials, the thriving city has so much to offer.

There are a good number of places to visit when you get to Senegal. Here are 5 envious reasons why you should definitely tick Dakar as your next travel spot.

1. You can never get enough of the beaches of the Ngor IslandMany tourists have argued that Dakar has some of the best beaches the continent has to offer and Ngor Island goes to prove that. You can never go wrong with the heat of the sun smiling down on you, the water giving a refreshing feel, the beach sabd finding home in your feet and the many fish dishes to pick from.

2. Get lost in the religious gem, the Mosque of Divinity.Dakar Mosque of DivinityLike most African nation’s, religion is a big deal for Senegal’s citizens, which is why you must visit the Mosque of Divinity. Located in Ouakam, the religious house presents itself with its imposing features. If you climb to the top, the view is nothing short of aesthetically pleasing.

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3.  Find creativity in the Village Des ArtsIf like me, you’re a huge fan of art, thn I promise that a trip to Village Des Arts will be worth your while. It offers a creative space for artists to create and showcase their craft. An array of art works is always special and right here, it is to put it simply, magnificent.

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4. Enjoy the view of the Plague du VirageIf you want to go surfing, then the small beach called Plague du Virage is one place to go to in Dakar. While it is good though, I must warn you against going on weekends. The small beach is often dirty and crowded. Notwithstanding, it offers a good time.

5. Surf in the Yoff beachI think there is little to be said about the beauty of this place. Great also.

As I’ve been saying for a while now, I’ll advise that you postpone all travel plans till the world is safe from the coronavirus pandemic.

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