Wednesday, December 6, 2023

7 Evergreen Sound Sultan Songs And Few Facts About Him

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Early today news broke that the veteran singer, rapper, songwriter and producer Olanrewaju Abdul-Ganiu Fasasi, more popularly known as Sound Sultan is dead after a long terminal battle with a particular form of Cancer “Angioimmunoblastic T- Cell Lymphoma”. Sound Sultan @ Merry Men 2 Premiere KOKO TV NG 1

I write this piece with a heavy heart, but in full appreciation that this musical marvel lived, worthy and fulfilling life I have been a fan of his music since I was a kid in primary school. Some of his greatest works from Bush Meat”, to “Motherland”, tell a story that any average Nigerian can relate to. Sound Sultan has always done music that resonates with the average Nigerian kid of the street of Lagos or say any part of the country.
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He was probably one of the few left that does proper conscious music, with lyrics that talk about the average man’s daily struggles off the streets of Lagos and Naija at large.

Sound Sultan while he was alive along with his brother Baba Dee who was a rapper, started their own record label Naija Ninja on which they produced and released his debut single which was a major hit, “Mathematics”. This legend barely has an album without at least one or two major hits that have stayed evergreen. Listen to some of this legend’s best works and relieve him.

    1. Mathematics {Jangbanjantis}:
    2. 2010:

    3. Bushmeat:

    4. Orobo:/li>
    5. Natural Something: 
    6. Kokose:

    7. Motherland:
    8. Faya:
    9. Koleyewon:</li>
    10. King Of My Country ft Wyclef Jean:<

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