Friday, October 7, 2022

“You Kill One Of Mine, I ⚔️ 10 Of Yours” – Kelly Handsome Promises Vengeance On The Woman Who Killed His Brother

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Singer, Kelly Hansome has taken to social media to threaten vengeance on the woman who allegedly killed his brother, Bruno.

Kelly Hansome in a video shared on his page revealed he would make sure he kills everyone associated with the woman.

He further went on to say, since she kills one of his, he’d kill ten of ours. He, however, did not reveal how his brother died. He wrote;

Now that I know the truth about my brother Bruno’s death, they must all die including their barbers, hair dressers, barbers, children, driver, family. Even the person who repairs their generator and their pastor, all of them will die. When we get to Heaven we shall settle it out but for now their own don finish so just go ahead and murder yourselves so that the rest will suffer. There’s no hope for you, nobody will save you or even cough on top the matter. You and all those who engaged in the ritual will die & your family too for raising a Murderer. Wherever you are I know you know already that the die is cast. We’re just waiting for you to cry out so we know it’s you then your family will regret that you were born to them because you have brought great misfortune to them. I dare any pastor or bishop to cough, they will regret it walahi. “You kill one of mine, I ⚔️ 10 of yours” and we shall count till it’s complete. You’ll never kill anyone again, never! You chose the wrongest Bull. This is a bloody war without end. 😎

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Meanwhile, help me use the comment section to rain desired curses on her. We shall see who is more wicked, U or GOD. If you’re a prophet, pastor or bishop you better chase them away if they come to confess to you because I will not only beat the hell out of you but also get your Church burnt down. You better learn how to tell people the truth. Tell them that what they’re fighting with is going to destroy any & everything that stands in the way. Tell em!

You who know about the plan or plot, I even suggest you keep quiet and not tell me your parents will have regrets. I don’t care if they support you or not, the battle includes them and even your goats and chickens. It’s over for you!

“Suffer not a Witch to Live” and whoever kills by the sword will die by the sword and whoever kills with Juju will die by Juju just so we know who then the ⚔️ will follow. May THE LORD punish them & theirs with bloodshed. 🩸🩸🩸

We shall set a legendary example never 2B forgotten. 🤫


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This is where I stop being biblical because it has mislead so many people. I want to see that same GOD come down & save them from me. Their father ear, they go feel am. Anything Lion see for road na shawarma, on GOD.

“Suffer not a witch to live” is in the Bible, so why are we leaving too many things for God to do tho, is he our mate? Taaa!!! 😡 #VengeanceIsMine
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