Chei! Temmy Ovwasa Blasts Trolls, Recounts Her Depression Ordeals

Temmy Ovwasa
Despite the pomp and glamour that surrounds being a celebrity, many have been put down times without number by trolls and having had her own share, YBNL princess Temmy Ovwasa is not taking it anymore.
The Afefe crooner took to Instagram to address trolls who have bullied her randomly starting from her family members, fans to many other social media users.
Temmy Ovwasa, 23, who claims to have written over 300 songs revealed that she was depressed at 18 and went from there to be a bipolar and then a 19 year old with borderline personality disorder who was constantly fat shamed, even at size 6.
Noting that she usually looks away from some of the trolls who according to her, have no joy but are always looking for people to hurt, Temmy Ovwasa added that she has come to understand that violence is the normal.
“Let’s address some Fuckery. For years, I’ve grown accustomed to being randomly bullied, By “fans”, “family” and y’all fuckers in between. Went from being a depressed 18 year old to a bipolar, bulimic 19 year old living with bpd and constantly being fat shamed at a size 6. At 23, Y’all just make me laugh… Then cry for you, Then hurt for you. Who broke you? I Understand that Violence is the Normal here and I try to write it off but some days I wake up and feel the need to address it.”
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“A lot of you are So unkind, So mean, Childish ass bullies with no joy looking for people to hurt. I promise you there’s peace on the other side, You don’t have to be a mean dickhead! You don’t!!!!! Anyways, this long ass post was triggered by the dumbass mf that decided to stress me out by tagging me on bullshit, My music is a gift, Take it when I give it, Thank me and keep it moving, If this energy bothers you, My music is not for You. You may leave✌🏿”
Temmy Ovwasa
Photos Credit: Instagram

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