Strictly Ladies: If You Agree To Reconcile With An Abuser Because of Your Governor Or Family, Please Don’t Expect Sympathy When He ‘Kills You With Maximum Beating’

Last week, users of social media platforms circulated an audio clip that was alledged to be a recording of a certain female musician’s prayer.

Apparently, the audio clip captured her last moments on earth as someone was squeezing life out of her. I do not know how true or false this is but at least I know women must rise beyond pleasing society.

Do not sit pretty in a violent relationship because you are afraid of what society will say about you. Woman, society will always say something, even to the saints. So brace yourself and put your happiness ahead of everything. 

Do not wait for someone to rearrange the geography of your face to say NO to domestic violence; you might not live long enough to get that chance. You are the sole controller of your own life and at no point should you be belittled and be hit like a drum!

YOLO means You Only Live Once, It does not mean You Only Love Once! You can replace love but certainly cannot replace your life.

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Domestic violence has been there since time immemorial and that does not mean we sit back and relax as women. It is devastating when a lady posts on social media, and I quote, “Last night he came back home late and when I inquired about his lateness, he slapped me. Do you think he is a violent man?”

Seriously, what answer do such people expect? Or do they want us to convince them that he was just stretching out his hand at 80kmph to say hi when it accidentally landed on their cheek? Wake up and smell the coffee!

The time he will stretch out his hand to say ‘Hi’ with a weapon in it, the next thing you will see is Nebuchadnezzar and Bartholomew flapping their wings and telling you “Welcome home” to a land you have never been to. Do not try to cover up for a violent person; it never ends well.

Those who send you back to your maker do not just wake up one day and decide that they want to hit you hard. It all begins with that simple slap you post about.

Before you know it, you are stuck in a relationship with a ‘Mohamed Ali’ with no referee or audience to come to your rescue when you get knocked out.

There is a rise of domestic violence cases and I do not even know where to place the blame. Are our parents bringing up our brothers making them believe the only way a woman can listen and listen well is through violence or has the society failed us and made us believe that a woman must be hit and she must remain mum about it?

Ladies, let us rise above ignorance and love ourselves. Like they say, he will beat the hell out of you and kill you and will still come to your funeral with another woman who has probably been slapped and is yet to accept that the slap is the genesis of your death.

Let society talk and say that your marriage or relationship is broken because you walked out on a violent man, let people sneer at you and say you are not wife material because you could not stand a ‘simple slap’.

Let them talk but be alive and happy. You please them, you die a violent death. Let us try and die in our sleep at old age like our grandparents. Make your life worthwhile. For the men out there, I am not saying you do not face the violence too, I know you do.

Just so you know, prison walls are not made of those women you hit and collapse. Once in there, you will have to wait for a presidential pardon in 50 years or so because however hard you hit those walls, they will not collapse and set you free.
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