Shredded Beef Sauce Is Not A Bad Idea

I know that at the sight of this sauce, many people African especially will puke and never want to have anything to do with it but then, Shredded Beef Sauce is not as bad as the mind conceives it to be.
Going through its recipe, I realised that every ingredient used in preparing this sauce is what we eat either individually or combined to make a dish, so really there is nothing to puke for or about.Shredded Beef Sauce is a chinese style beef sauce with a quick and easy recipe, packed with a lot of nutrients as it contains a lot of veggies. As with most Asian style sauces, Soy Sauce is what give this sauce its distinct Chinese flavour while Oyster sauce gives it sweetness.
For this sauce, we will be using two recipes – one without the oyster sauce and sugar  and the other with both. This offers you a great chance to make a choice of how you want youe shredded beef sauce. Leggo!
Recipe 1
How To MakeRecipe 2
Very Tender Beef ,Vegetable Oil, Sesame Oil (Use Vegetable oil if you can’t source Sesame), Soy Sauce, Oyster Sauce , Chicken Stock, Corn Starch/Corn Flour, Sliced Onions, Green, Yellow, Red Peppers Thinly Sliced, Mushrooms Thinly sliced (Optional), Minced Garlic Cloves and Ginger, Brown/White Sugar ,Garlic Powder, Black Pepper, Beef Seasoning Cubes and Salt to taste.
How To Make
First, wash the meat to rid it of blood and cut against the grain, then cut in 2 inch diagonal strips. Marinate the meat with the seasoning cubes, garlic powder and the Corn Starch/flour. Leave to marinate for at least an hour. (For maximum taste and flavour, it is advisable to marinate overnight.) If not overnight, while the meat is marinating, mix the soy sauce and black pepper and then set aside.Next, pour in vegetables oil in a wok or large frying pan, on medium heat and add in the minced garlic and ginger. Sauté for a minute, be careful not to burn the garlic then add the marinated beef into the pan, stir and fry till cooked, this should take 5-10 minutes, depending on how soft the meat was. When cooked, remove the beef from the pan, discard the oil in the pan or use another pan.
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Pour in some oil, add in the onions, sauté for 2 minutes, then add the sliced peppers, sauté for 2 more minutes. Next, add in the mushrooms and sauté for a minute. Now add the mixed sauce and leave to simmer for 1 minute. Turn the heat down to low. Then add the fried beef back into the pan, stir and combine, simmer for 2 minutes.So you see the shredded Beef Sauce is actually not something to run away now. Now that it is ready, serve with rice and treat yourself/your family to an intercontinental dish right from your kitchen.
Shredded Beef Sauce
Shredded Beef Sauce
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