Food: Ofe Onugbu And Red Garri Is The Perfecto For This Weekend

FOOD: Ofe Onugbu And Red Garri Is The Perfecto For This Weekend
For weeks now, we have been exploring so much that we can do with our food items ranging from smoothies, home made banana bread, blended pounded yam and more and today, we shall be making Ofe Onugbu and Red Garri for the weekend.
Ofe Onugbu is a popular Nigerian soup peculiar to the Igbo tribe of Eastern Nigeria.It is nothing you do not know – it is simply Bitter leaf soup! A lot of non-Igbos shy away from bitter leaf soup because they think it is a very bitter soup.Growing up, I used to feel sad anytime we have to make the soup because my grandma will have me squeeze the leaves with salt (she says my hands squeezes out the bitterness from the leaves better, lol).
But those who think it is very bitter can’t be more wrong because Ofe Onugbu does not taste bitter in the slightest. Once the leaves have been washed thoroughly like my Grandma makes me do to get rid of the bitterness, the case is settled. Meanwhile, you do not even have to wash the leaves with your hands, potash is there to handle it.Bitter leaf is so much medicinal and of great importance in human diet because of the presence of vitamins and mineral salts. It also said to help in cleansing vital organs in the body like the liver and the kidney, and believed to be used in the treatment of skin infections such as ringworm, rashes and eczema. Now let’s delve straight into business!
The difference between Ofe Onugbu and Yoruba bitter leaf soup, however, is that cocoyam is a recipe in the former but not and never in the latter – the thickness the cocoyam brings is the diffrrence, pin that!
Assorted meats (beef, goat meat, snail, ponmo, shaki), 15 medium sized cocoyam, washed bitter leaves, palm oil, dry fish,stock fish (oporoko), crayfish, Ogiri igbo, yellow pepper, ground black pepper or 3 scotch bonnet blended, seasoning cubes and salt to taste.
How To Make
Start by boiling your meats, start with the tougher meats like Cow leg and Shaki first. When they’re slightly tender, add beef,stock and dry fish and leave to cook till soft and set aside. While boiling the meat, if you are going ot be washing the bitter leaves, then is the time. If not, simply wash the leaves to remove the sand and whatever dirts from the leaves, then boil in a pot of water with a little potash to get rid of as much bitterness as you can and set aside.
Next, boil the Cocoyam with the skin on till tender and gently peel the skin off when done. Pound till smooth in a mortar or alternatively, chop them into small chunks and purée (lend) in your electric blender or food processor till smooth, then set aside.
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Put the meat stock back on fire, then add in the blended cocoyam into the boiling stock. Add in palm oil, ogiri, pepper and grounded crayfish, and cover to cook until the cocoyam lumps are well dissolved!
Finally, add in bitter leaves, seasoning cubes & salt to taste. Do not mix immediately leave to simmer for 5 minutes then now mix. soup is ready. The best component we are going with this weekend is Red Garri/Eba, so enjoy your Ofe Onugbu with that and have a lovely weekend!
Ofe Onugbu served
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