Insecurity: “Throw In The Towel And Save The Coutry From Ruins” – PDP’s Uche Secondus Asks President Buhari To Resign

The National Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party, Uche Secondus, has made call incompetence of President Muhammadu Buhari, asking him to resign saying he has failed the country and lacks the capacity to proffer solutions to ever-increasing insecurity challenges facing the country. PDP Chairman Uche Secondus

The opposition leader made his statement at a media briefing of his Party at the PDP National Secretariat, on Friday afternoon. The media briefing was tagged, “Nigeria A Free Fall As Corruption, Insecurity Engulfs Our Nation”. Uche Secondus said in his statement that the Buhari government has run out of propagandas to feed the public as the country’s insecurity situation worsens.

Dr Secondus noted that the recent decision of over 300 soldiers to resign from service was a nail in the coffin for the damnation of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration.  Also pointing to the call of the National Assembly members calling for the resignation of the service chiefs has all but once put a lie to the “press statements” regularly made of the Army’s victory of Boko Haram elements.

Uche Secondus said,

“What we are witnessing in our country today is a total collapse of the nation, the country is on ventilator gasping for air, under such circumstance. President Buhari should do the honourable thing required of an elder statesman in situations like this, throw in the towel and save the country from ruins.”

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