Governor Makinde To Buy COVID-19 Vaccines Directly From Manufacturers

The governor of Oyo state, Seyi Makinde has disclosed that he hopes to get as many COVID-19 vaccines as possible for Oyo residents. directly from the manufacturers.

The governor says he’s opening discussions with COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers to get a sufficient supply for residents of the Oyo state.⁣
However, Nigeria hopes to kick off its vaccination campaign against the corona virus by the end of January 2021 with the supply of 100,000 Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine to be focused on frontline workers.⁣
⁣According to the sharing formula published by the National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA), Oyo State will receive 1,848 doses of the vaccine.⁣
But the governor has said that the number allotted to the state is grossly inadequate, hence the need for him to directly order from the manufacturers, so as to meet the need of his citizens.⁣

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Makinde made this known during a media briefing on Wednesday, January 13 saying; ⁣”I have been advised that Astrazeneca vaccine is more suitable for Oyo State due to storage instructions.⁣ So we are opening discussions directly with the manufacturers to see how we can get as many as possible for our people”.⁣
⁣According to reports, Oyo is the fifth worst affected by COVID-19 in Nigeria where nearly 104,000 cases have been detected since last February.⁣ A second wave of the virus also kicked off in December 2020 with a sharp rise in the number of daily cases recorded nationwide.⁣
⁣On Wednesday, Makinde said that the second wave in Oyo is not a thing because the curve was never flattened in the state to begin with.⁣ “Rather, we had more people becoming complacent and acting as if the pandemic was over,” he said.⁣
⁣The governor has therefore called on residents to not let their guard down and continue to adhere strictly to COVID-19 safety protocols.⁣ He vowed that his government remains committed to providing more resources to efficiently manage the spread of the disease.⁣

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