KOKOnista of The Day: Curvaceous Grace Msalame Is The Brilliantly Beautiful Kenyan Star With A Big Future

Grace Msalame is a seasoned Kenyan media personality who has made her name for herself on TV and radio. Over the years, she has amassed a huge number of fans who love her presentation skills and fashion sense.

Grace Msalame started off as a TV presenter and has risen to be a polished news anchor. She first hit the screens when she was only 19 and has now curved a niche for herself in the ever competitive world of media.

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Grace Msalame is the daughter of the late radio legend Tony Msalame who passed on in 2010. She grew up in Nairobi and is the first born in a family of two.

Grace Msalame is a sensational mother of twins whose personality comes out as a cool composed lady with a sense of class. The Kenyan TV siren and a sweetheart to many also doesn’t shy off to defend herself from online trolls in regards to her body shape.

From her social media posts, Msalame is no doubt a strong mother who is determined to raise her daughters in the Christian way. When you talk of beauty and brains, Grace Msalame’s name cannot miss in the mention.

Her curvaceous body, sweet voice and elegant designs is an inspiration to many young girls.

Grace Msalame has an admirable reputation for a strong woman who is a role model to many young girls in Kenya and across Africa. She is recognized as one of the celebrities who know how to dress. The media personality flaunts her curvy body in a stylish and trendy way.
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